Lancashire family photographer | DAY IN THE LIFE | the Billsborough’s


 a Lancashire family photographer specialising in documentary photography and Day in the Life shoots.


I spent a wonderful Mother’s Day with the extremely fun and laid back Billsborough family.

Arriving as the family were just waking up and getting ready for their breakfast. As it was Mother’s Day a special breakfast of croissants, bacon, sausage & beans was being prepared. It was a veritable feast!

What a great day I had with this fabulous family, a lot of laughter, a few tears!

We spent the morning in typical Sunday morning fashion, chilling out, jumping off the sofa’s before heading out to Irvington for a walk and a picnic. On our return it was time to relax a while and re-charge before dancing to Mary Poppins. Finally capturing the bathroom routine, bedtime story and bed.

During a day in the Life shoot I am not constantly taking photos. A lot of my time is spent watching and waiting for moments. I am constantly looking for creative ways to use your home and the environment to capture you family in an authentic way. Capturing the ordinary, the every day routines, the laughter and the tears.

The images taken on a Day in the Life session create a lasting memory of a particular time in your family life.

They evoke memories of laughter, love, happiness, joyfulness as well as the crazy chaos, the exhaustion and the unique characters that each family possess.

Sessions are not staged, the aim is to capture the everyday life, to preserve the real moments. I will be there for your best of times, the chaotic times, the loving times and the messy times and I will capture it all…

Nothing is ordinary.

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about my Day in the Life shoots or my family portrait shoots.